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3d render of AAVs, nanobodies and blue igG antibodies binding receptors on a white t-cell in a red blood vessel scene generated by Biofidus AG


Characterization of biologics

Biologics and their biosimilars comprise the cutting-edge of biopharmaceutical products such as antibodies, enzymes, AAVs, vaccines or hormones used to treat many complex conditions, including cancer, neurologic and autoimmune disorders, and diabetes. Biologics are far from easy to characterize as they are highly complex mixtures of biological compounds produced by natural sources like cell cultures or microorganisms.​

We at Biofidus are well experienced with a wide variety of biologics. Through hundreds of projects with small and big pharma clients we were able to build up broad knowledge in characterizing different classes of biologics including IgGs, bispecific antibodies, nanobodies, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), fusion proteins and vector-based therapeutics. From structural and functional characterization, from the identification of impurities to complex comparability or forced degradation studies.

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Our CEO Dr. Benjamin Müller is your contact person for all requests concerning the general topic of Biologics.

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