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Hormone analysis

Hormones act as are regulatory chemical messengers to maintain homeostasis and play a fundamental role in the functionality of various organs and tissues. As hormones are heavily involved in a wide range of physiological processes like, growth, reproduction, metabolism, stress response or immune function, synthetic copies of natural occurring hormones are heavy weights of medical treatments since several decades. Unlike rather simple hormone subclasses like steroids, the analysis of highly glycosylated protein-based hormones like Erythropoietin (EPO) requires a sequence of complex analytical assays in order to ensure the structural and functional integrity of the biomolecule.

Biofidus offers standardized high-throughput analytical pipelines for small sized hormones as well as a holistic and state-of-the-art analytical service platform for an in-depth analysis of the protein primary structure, amino acid modifications, purity, concentration, as well as functionality in cell-based assays of protein-based hormones. We are specialists in determining protein glycosylation structures, which are among the most important protein modifications having significant influence on function and stability of biopharmaceutical molecules.

Our vast experience and deep knowledge in this field allows us to guide you through the variety of available methods and help you find the optimal analytical solution for your project. In accordance with your needs, we adapt and, if required, qualify (according to ICH guidelines) our platform methods tailored to your drug substance, its individual formulation matrix and your distinct analytical question.

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Our Expert Tobias Luttermann advices you on for all analytical requests related to hormones.

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