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Welcome to Biofidus AG, a leading provider of cutting-edge bioanalytical solutions founded in 2015 by Dr. Benjamin Müller and a team of esteemed local scientists. Driven by a deep understanding of market trends, including the growing preference for outsourced analytics in the pharmaceutical sector, Biofidus was established to deliver comprehensive services as a dynamic One-Stop-Shop for new biological entities (NBEs) and biosimilars. Our founding team, with decades of combined expertise in analytics and extensive connections within the pharmaceutical industry, laid the foundation for our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Since our inception, Biofidus has been synonymous with high-quality services, propelling us into a trajectory of remarkable growth. Today, we are a thriving medium-sized enterprise with a team of 30 experts. Our rapid expansion positions us as a beacon of bioanalytical competence and entrepreneurial spirit.

At Biofidus, innovation is ingrained in our culture. We continuously enhance our analytical platform and embrace automation to meet the evolving needs of our dynamic world. Guided by our vision, we invest significantly in staying ahead of technological advancements, bolstering our exceptional team of experts.

Contact us to benefit from our reliable and knowledgeable interdisciplinary experience and learn how we define a true CRO partnership.

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