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About us

The Biofidus AG was founded in 2015 by Dr. Benjamin Müller together with other local scientists. The founders were motivated by excellent conditions, such as a strong trend towards outsourcing analytics in the pharmaceutical market, as well as the diverse composition of the founding team, which already had many decades of analytics expertise and a very strong network in the pharmaceutical industry. The goal of Biofidus was right from the beginning to offer a holistic service platform and to act as an agile and reliable One-Stop-Shop for bioanalytical challenges with a focus on but not limited to protein-based drugs and therapies.

The high quality and reliability of the services has led to significant growth over the years, so that within the first few years Biofidus developed into a small medium-sized company which currently employs 22 experts. With its proven track record and a steep growth trajectory ahead, Biofidus represents a lighthouse example for bioanalytical competence and entrepreneurship in the pharma sector of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany).

Biofidus is constantly working to expand their analytical platform and automatization to stay one step ahead of the demands of an increasingly fast-paced world. For this vision Biofidus continuously invests a lot of time and resources to always be on the cutting edge of technology and to constantly expand their excellent team of experts.

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