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Biofidus is your bioanalytical laboratory of choice for a fast and reliable analysis even for your most complex challenges. We support international clients from start-ups to big pharma throughout the whole biologic development cycle, from early-stage research to preclinical and clinical studies.

Our goal is to accelerate your development by providing you a tailored in-depth characterization of your biopharmaceutical product. We advise you on the right questions that need to be answered in compliance with regulatory agencies like FDA or EMA to ensure a rapid and targeted achievement of your milestones. As much as necessary, as little as possible.

Through hundreds of projects with small and big pharma clients we accumulated mountains of knowledge in characterizing the structural and functional characterization of biologics as well as cell and gene therapeutics. Our experts have over 40 years of analytical experience in mass spectroscopy, chromatography, sequencing, and cell-based assays. Our attention to detail and quality allows us to find the best solution for your bioanalytical project. Biofidus helps you to solve your toughest challenges, from routine high-throughput analysis to comprehensive comparability studies.

Get in contact with us to find the optimal strategy for your request and to speak directly from scientist to scientist.

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Our CEO Dr. Benjamin Müller is looking forward to guide you through our versatile portfolio of analytical services.

Phone: +49(0)521 89 739 060
Mail: Benjamin.Mueller@Biofidus.com

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