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Small Molecules

The qualitative and quantitative analysis of small molecules is crucial to understanding and optimizing the production process of biopharmaceuticals or other molecules produced in eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells or that are synthesized chemically. The analysis aids in detecting substrate limitations, impurities, or the accumulation of cytotoxic molecules. At Biofidus, we offer standardized chromatographic assays for a broad range of small molecules like amino acids, organic acids, polyamines, surfactants, sugars, process related impurities, and many more.​

Through hundreds of projects with small and big pharma clients, we were able to build up broad knowledge in characterizing various classes of small molecules, enabling us to provide you with a tailored analytical service, to accelerate your development and to optimize your manufacturing processes.​

Get in contact with us to find the optimal strategy for your request and to speak directly from scientist to scientist.

draft of a beaker including a few black dots to symbolize liquid
draft of a 6 carbon ring structure generated by Biofidus AG
draft of a lemon slice to symbolise vitamins generated by Biofidus AG
draft of a synaptic cleft with neurotransmitters in between generated by Biofidus AG

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Please reach out to Our Expert Tobias Luttermann for all inquiries regarding small molecules.

Phone: +49(0)521 89 739 064
Mail: Tobias.Luttermann@Biofidus.de

Tobias Luttermann Director Genome & Vector Characterization Biofidus AG
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